Penwork Table

Regency penwork table

Regency Penwork Table Restoration

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The photo above shows an English Regency penwork table, as it arrived in my studio. Evidently, the base, and a corner of the top, had been repeatedly gnawed by a pet dog.

In addition to that, the table had been exposed to wide ranges in environmental temperature and relative humidity, causing excessive expansion and contraction of the wood. Since the penwork decoration is painted on a veneer applied to solid wood, the inherent tensions in this construction resulted in some warping of the solid wood, and some splitting and lifting of the veneer.

The first step was to try to secure the loose areas on the top and base.

repair 1


repair 2

The detail photos below give some idea of the damage to the base, and the subsequent restoration.

foot before 1

First area

foot after 1


foot before 2 cr rs

Second area

foot after 2


foot before 3

Third area

foot after 3


base after 2

Base after restoration


The following photos show a similar treatment for the top corner.

top corner before

Corner damage before and after.

top corner after


On the top, the various splits and openings were filled and inpainted to match the surrounding area.

top split before

Above, one of many openings to be addressed

top after cr

The top, after repairing, cleaning and finishing.


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