Sheraton Chair

Sheraton Chair

English Sheraton Chair Restoration

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The photo above shows an English Sheraton side chair, one of a large set of dining chairs. The chair had accidently fallen and suffered damage in several areas. At the time this photo was taken, I had already addressed most of the issues; the one remaining area that still needed attention was the upper right corner, where the stile meets the top rail. The corner had shattered from impact; when I initially received the chair, the smaller pieces from this corner could not be found.

 The photos below show closer views of this area before I assembled the pieces that I possessed.

corner assembly 1corner assembly 2

corner assembly 3corner assembly 4

After assembly of the pieces shown above, I had reached the stage shown in the opening photo. Below is a closer view of the corner.

 Sheraton chair back 2 sk rs

Rather than try to restore this area myself, I decided to take the chair to my colleague, Neil Layne, a gilder/carver in Southport Ct. I knew that he would be able to provide a solution for replacing the missing pieces more effectively than I could.

Sheraton chair back 3

Front view of the new carving

Sheraton chair back 4

Side view, illustrating the wedge shaped piece attached


At this point, I completed the finish work, matching the new piece to the surrounding wood as closely as I could.

Sheraton chair back 5

Front view

Sheraton chair back 6

Top view

Sheraton chair back 7

The chair restoration completed.

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