About The Photos On This Site


The photos shown on this site* are examples of our work, which represent the  various aspects of our business as described under the heading “About Kevin Cross Studio”. All of the painting, gilding and finishing was executed by Kevin Cross Studio.

The photos of finished projects are usually taken in our studio after completion of the work, prior to delivery/installation, with the items “set up” as if in a room setting, rather than being shown against a photo back drop, or a Photoshop white background. However, there are a few instances of photos taken on site.

Many of the completed pieces are listed individually in the navigation bar at right. For economy of space, others have been grouped together under one heading, e.g. “More Tables”, or “Chairs”.

Occasionally we are asked to produce some art work that may be only a part of a larger project, e.g.  a top of a table,  some panels set into the frames of cabinet doors, or project models that represent the art work to be done. These photos are also grouped together,  under the headings “Painted Table Tops”, “Painted Cabinets Doors and Panels”, etc.

Photo Captions

The furniture and artwork shown on this site is all essentially traditional in style; most of the custom furniture pieces are based directly on antique models. The captions under the photos  serve as a descriptive name for each piece, e.g. “George III Console Table”, or “Italian Rococo Commode”, and also indicate the source of inspiration.

The actual origin of the furniture generally falls into one of three categories:

Custom commission 

Much of the furniture shown on this site is built to order, usually to a design specified by an architect, interior designer, or private client. In some cases, they may provide the piece, sending it to our studio for finishing; alternatively we may be asked to oversee the entire production.


Some of the photos are of antique pieces, i.e. “period” pieces that originate in the time (period) that their appearance would indicate. They may be shown here as examples of restoration, or to serve as potential inspiration for custom commissions.

Antique Style

This term** generally refers to all types of traditional furniture that are built somewhat in the style of an antique, but are not actually period antiques. Unlike antiques, these pieces usually do not have a high intrinsic value. However, many of them are of good form, and may serve well as a base for redecorating.

Lastly, there are some photos shown of furniture that I produced for myself, for personal reasons. Some of these I still have, some have been sold, and some have served as models for other custom orders. Examples of these would include a Baltimore table, some Philadelphia Classical chairs, a George III Sheraton armchair, etc.


*The photos shown on this site (except for a few older photos and the restoration photos) were taken and processed by Dianna Nelson, http://diannanelsondesign.com/

**Other similar terms: A “reproduction” usually suggests something mass produced, with varying degrees of accuracy. Alternatively, a “replica” implies an exact copy. “Bench-made”, “hand crafted”, and “artisan” all imply subtle shades of authenticity. More recently, the word “vintage” has come into popular use, usually associated with 20th century pieces of all types, e.g. “mid-century modern”.


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